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The Hero 
Collaboration with Mandi

The Dream, and the Three


     It began that night when I saw it. A glowing spark of some flickering on the ground. I stood up to see it beIt was a stone.

   The most beautiful one I had ever seen. It gleamed in the moonlight fiercely with  jade in the middle. Beautiful. Suddenly feathers gathered around it and created what seemed like wings.


Came a echoey voice. The wings flapped away with the stone obediently.

Suddenly I woke up.

“COME!” commanded my father.  A grumpy, miserable old man. Who probably has nothing better to do than yell at his child.

  Sadly it sounded nothing like the voice in my dream. I forced myself awake, and got out of bed.

    “You pathetic good-for-nothing lump! You slept in again!” He continued to rant.

    “I’ll make it up to you…” I began to mutter.

    “Oh! Really?” He said, with anger laced sarcasm. “YOU ALREADY MISSED THE BUS TO YOUR HIGH SCHOOL!”

    Then, out the window, the bus passed by the front of the house.

    I swore under my breath. A few foul words, that he won’t be able to get me for. Quickly getting ready for the day, and grabbing a breakfast bar as I ran out the door, following the bus. Running as fast as I could. Which was actually pretty fast since I was used to this kind of thing by now.

     I took the shortcut in the neighbor's backyards to the next bus stop, where I could be picked up there. The only problem was the creepy property I had to pass through while going to the stop. A house that has been abandoned, or at least uncared for before reaching that stop.

    I continued to run all the way, to get picked up along with an acquaintance. A fellow classmate, who was not picked on at all. Probably because that despite their weak appearance, they can use a variety of stuff against the gorillas of school. She literally brings KNIVES to school! KNIVES!

     Better hope not to get on the wrong end of them….

    I slouched down in my seat, heaving a breath of relief. Going to school was good. Because then I didn’t have to deal with my  step dad.  How come he always wakes up earlier than me but only wakes me up after he’s done with his coffee and the buss has passed?

    It’s like he is purposefully cruel. There’s simply no explanation to why he is like this!

    I know what people say, “careful what you wish for.”

    Though the thing is, there is nothing worse than this kind of treatment in a society like this. I just want a different life than this. Is that too much to ask? Some respect, at least.


    The day goes as just another day.  I got locked in a locker by another stuck up idiot...AGAIN! Good thing I figured out how to pick the lock from the inside. Maybe it’s because I’m a little weird? So what?! Everyone is odd in their own way! Is it because I seem happier than all the others at school?!

    Just perfect.

     Now I’m going to hear an earful when I get home. Picking locks takes time.  Too bad mom would've never believed dad can be so cruel. Speak of the devil himself….

    I walk home under the sky as dark as my mood. Just my luck it happened to start raining.  I was still at least two blocks away from “home”!


   I quickly turned my head, looking back and forth in confusion. It was the voice from my dream.

Fortis…. Come, find the Stone, fulfill your destiny!

Fortis… come… find the stone, and complete what your forefathers started.

    It was a darker voice.

    I turned behind me to see two figures, both cloaked as to hide their forms and faces.  Ghosts. I was going crazy, wasn’t I?

     The figure on the left was in a white cloak that was rimmed with gold had glowing cyan blue eyes, seeming to chase the shadows away.

    The figure on the right, though was in a black cloak, also rimmed with gold. But the eyes, they were a glowing red surrounding a black. A void that seemed to engulf my entire soul.

  Yet in between the two figures was someone in a grey cloak.  There was a normal looking eye, except that it was glowing like a fading flame. The flame had a sense of hope, yet so much sadness was within them.

    Join me.

   Join me!

I was confused. I looked side to side, not sure if they were real, or if I was truly insane. Not knowing what in the world was going on!


The voice of the figure in the middle said. Anyone could tell that the voice held much pain.

Help them…..

Then, suddenly, a car skidded to the sidewalk, as the three figures disappeared.

    Everything went black underneath me, as the world began to fade,  and then began to surround me as I fell.

I fell unconscious.


I woke up in a forest. The very forest itself was beautiful. As if directly plucked out of a fantasy world. I felt the soft green grass against my back as I sat up.

   Recalling the events before I blacked out, to my surprise, I felt no pain.


           HELP US!

    A sharp presence then seared through my head.  

I saw flashes of images. They were  blurry, but I could make out the brief figure of my father. Except… he wasn’t that miserable man…. He was young, and full on clad in a light yet protective armour. Eyes covered by a red visor. Radiating a dark power…  He was next to the figure in the dark cloak I had seen!  


He smiled and vanished.  

    Suddenly I saw the figure with the sad voice. She/he began to take  her/his hood off, as I saw  white wings begin to spread behind them and the glint of that stone out from underneath the cloak. Long flowing locks of a color beyond the visible spectrum tumbled out of it’s confines. Before I saw her/his face, the visions were too much, and I went unconscious again. But I didn’t need to see their face, but I had saw enough.  


  When I woke up, I groaned in frustration. I had black out from another dream, and here I am! Back at the...


  Then… I realised I wasn’t at my home.  

I was in a surprisingly comfy bed cot made out of weavings and wood.

   The cot was in a room with many other cots, mostly empty, with high ceilings, and walls that had intricate floral designs.

      Heaving a sigh of relief, I got up, only to find myself face to face with a young woman, who seemed to be in her late teens,with cobalt blue hair, and matching eyes, that seemed like the ocean. A small four pointed turquoise star under her right eye. She also wore a white scarf, and an also blue attire. Her hair was in two  braids. Then, I realised, she was no human. The ears were pointed. I at first thought it was fake, but I knew it was real… deep down.

     I tried to deny it. I was seeing fairies! FAIRIES! A little child’s fantasy! I probably AM insane!

“Fortis, calm your thoughts.” She said. That voice… it was beautiful. It seemed like it could tame even the most horrid things.

“Wha-? How do you know my name?!” I shouted in surprise.

“Everyone does. Fortis... the hero.” She said smiling gently.

“My name is Thalia, and the people of this land have been waiting for you.”

“What?” I was lost in this conversation.

   I got out of the cot, and to my surprise, instead of my usual clothes, I was in an outfit similar to those of the middle ages, and a green overcoat.

   “W-what’s going on??!!?!?!?!?! Where am I?! ”

I shouted.

“Calm down, Fortis.”

I stared at her,

“HOW DO YOU KNOW MY NAME?!?! Stalker!”

“I’ll wait.” Thalia sighed, sitting patiently.


I took a few deep breaths. I decided that the only way to get any information was to comply. Or at least pretend to comply.

“What do all those people mean?-The ones on the street?”  I asked.

“The good the bad and the in between” she answered. “You’re calm now?”

“You’re the in between?”

She sighed. Again.

“Well, let me tell you this way, I want to bring peace in between”

I just continued to look at her,

“Why do you want me?” I said. More to myself then to her.

“The monster is back. He’s after the Stone,” she began.

“What ‘stone?” I asked cutting her off.

“The Stone that brought you here, it brings balance between everything.  If he gets it first...the world falls to ENTROPY and you will not be able to go home. If we get it before him, there is still hope. You forefathers long ago, joined the evil but you stopped them!”

“I WHAT?! I’m no magician, I wouldn’t be able to do that!”

“But you did, they were after the stone and you as a tiny child entered a time loop, they somehow couldn’t get past you, so the emperor called you here to help.And finally you are here!”

I suddenly understood everything. All logic went against it, and my mind couldn’t comprehend. Although, somehow, I knew.



...The dreams!

    I always wanted this kind of thing to happen. An adventure! A hero! Just like the ones in the books! Yet… something tells me this is definitely more than I bargained for.

“My dreams! Were they…?”

“Yes… not dreams, but memories.” Thalia stated. “Memories passed down from generations.”


    I was speechless. I tried to comprehend this. I wanted this so badly, and now, it was kinda overwhelming.

 My thoughts were interrupted when a dark presence entered the room.

“Done making out yet?” A monotone voice said, with a hint of amusement.

   I turned around to the door to see another elfish being, who looked as if in their preteen years. A child!

  They had white hair, yet the tips of the strands were grey, then at the very ends black. Cold silver eyes, and body clad in a thin, yet protective armour.

“Quite asking that Ren! People would appreciate your humor if you didn’t ask things like that.” Thalia scolded.

“Hey, am I supposed to know otherwise?” Ren, apparently asked while leaning on the door, making the I-dunno gesture.

“Whatever you are doing then, hurry up, ‘cause everyone wants to see the ‘Hero’” Ren said, emphasising the word Hero with air quotation marks.

      I immediately judged them to have a relationship similar to siblings. Though I couldn’t say that there wasn’t something off about Ren.

“For once, you have a point.” Thalia muttered. “Come along, Fortis.”

       Thalia gestured me to follow, as the three of us walked from the room, out the large, overly decorated doors and hallways, we made our way to a balcony, with a very large crowd of beings waiting.

“Testing, one, two , three. Testing, one , two , three.” Ren said into a microphone like object, or at least served the same purpose. “Yup, it works.”

Ren turned back toward us, and nudged Thalia.

“Go on, give your famous speeches. ‘Cause they inspire hope, don’t they?”

  Ren said, smirking.

Thalia wasn’t amused, but continued onto the balcony.

“Greetings, people of  Magicae Terra.”

   Her voice silenced the cries and shouting, (and all the other people in distress and worry) as all eyes turned to face her.

“I understand your panic, as the Fallen Hero, now the Bringer of Suffering, has taken over much of our beloved home, and neighboring kingdoms.

“Darkness has crushed what joy we had, and the chances of being brought out of this age seem bleak. War ravages the Outer Manor, and we don’t know who to trust.”

  Thalia stopped, closing her eyes, and took a deep breath, eyes reopened with a new determination within them.

“People of Magicae Terra, rest assured, for a new hope has arrived at last. The Hero.”                          

  There were murmurs in the large crowd of people mostly dressed in earthy colors.

Thalia beckoned me to come forward, and so I did. There were even more murmurs among the crowd. Not all of them were friendly. Some even had shouts of hate directed towards me.

He has been chosen, not just by the king but by the universe. He will protect us throughout the war, and he will get the stone!”

    I had always wanted this to happen how come I was so scared?

    Y’know what? Now, the word “Hero” scared me. I was risking my life for these people. I don’t want to do that, but they are depending on me! Someone else had to get this stone. If I failed I wasn’t going home. Sure,  “home” might not be such a friendly place to me but it was less scary and so much more...homey?

“What would you like to say Fortis?” Ren asked.

    I wasn’t exactly in the moment. These events were all moving forward so fast…

“Fortis?” Ren smirked. I could see Thalia turn around and give Ren a dirty look

“Um, thank you for listening. We shall all hope he can ...succeed in this ‘noble’ quest”

Then she hurried of. I was in the corner of the room next to a potted plant of some sort Thalia almost hurried past me but slowed down and said all the sudden


I couldn’t hold it in, “I can’t do this”

“You can, I know you can”

“You heard me, I’m no magician”

“You aren’t but that doesn’t mean you can’t do this” She smiled.

“Okay…? How do you know?”

  Thalia simply smiled.


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